Medway City of Sanctuary is pleased to announce that our next meeting will take place at St Mark’s Church Gillingham (off the High Street) on Thursday 6th October at 7.30pm. A number of developments have taken place since our last public meeting not least of which the Council Meeting on the 21st July. (see the previous post).

Despite setbacks there are positive signs of action within our local communities that are beginning to emerge. One such initiative is happening at St Marks so come and find out more! It is also important to keep up support for a more humanitarian approach to this whole crisis as we see nations still going down the road of closing borders and battening hatches to some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Granted we need to keep security,  but this should not be at the expense of genuine refugees who seek a new home and a place where they can be safe and have a future and a hope. We would not seek anything less for our own children and families if faced with such a situation.

We need to help our nation and politicians to find the courage to do things differently,  because the present policy is clearly not working.

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